We provides all kinds of artichokes, Fresh and bottoms, hearts and quarters.

Mantis is very knowledgeable about all styles of production and has the precious “know – how” concerning the secrets of production of this rich vegetable.

Fresh Artichoke

Season start: December, End: May



Artichoke Bottoms

(3 to 5 cm ), (5 to 7 cm), (7 to 9 cm)

Artichoke Hearts & Artichoke Hearts cleaned from inside for stuffing

Artichoke with stem

At Mantis you will find the delicatessen of artichokes with stem, a unique product of very high quality which will surprise the most professional chefs.

The small artichoke hearts with their tender stem, while offered like a beautiful tulip, will make the whole difference for the most demanding tastes.

Dimension per piece:

  • Length of the stalk: between 6.5cm – 7 cm.
  • Length of the heart of the artichoke: between 4 cm – 4.5 cm.
  • Total length of the piece: between 10.5 cm – 12 cm.
  • The number of pieces per kilo: between 14 – 16 piece.

Product description and packing:

  • Type: Artichoke with stems in brine bulk.
  • Packing: in barrel.
  • Artichoke net weight in barrel: 125 kg.
  • Barrel number per 40 feet container: 84 barrels.
  • Total weight for all artichoke in 40 feet container: 10500 kg.
  • Ingredients: Artichoke, Water, Salt, Citric acid, and Ascorbic acid.