Grapes is available starting from May till Mid August

Early Sweet Grapes Seedles

Is a large seedless berry with a creamy white color. The very high sugar level gives this grape a sweet flavor with a hint of muscat and an extremely high juice level. The early sweet also has a very good shelf life. Starting from week number 19 till week number 20

Prime Seedless 

Is an early white seedless grape. 
The bunches are well filled out and the berries are round medium sized, sweet neutral and crunchy in which available only on week number 20


 has bright green, elongated berries, and a subtle sweet muscato flavour with a distinctive crunch.
The loose bunches; excellent eating quality and good shelf life have made this one of the world’s most popular cultivars.

Red Flame Seedless 

Is sweet and red, with round berries, a distinctive mild sweet/tart flavor, crisp skin and firm juicy pulp. Starting from week number 22 till week number 24.

Crimson Seedless

Is a mid to late season red seedless cultivar. Crimson has a sweet neutral juicy flavour and elongated berries that are light red in color.
Particularly impressive is the crisp, firm texture of the berries and the cultivar has exceptional shelf-life. Starting from week number 28 till week number 35.

Autumn Royal Seeded

Is a midseason black seedless cultivar. The firm and generally seedless Autumn Royal berries are oval- shaped and about an inch long. Their black or purple-black skin has a whitish cast or bloom. Inside, the flesh is an attractive, translucent yellow-green. The berries are crunchy and eat very well. Starting from week number 26 till week number 30.


Red Globe

Red Globes are famous for their large berry size and excellent shelf life.
Sweet and crunchy, great for fresh eating and also in salads. Red Globe Grapes is the largest round red berries of all the red grapes grown.

Packaging 5 KG Carton 4.5 KG Carton 9 KG Naked or Bags
10 Punnet X 500gr
7- 8 Bags x Carton
15 - 17 Bags x Carton
Cartons per Pallet
120 Cartons
170 Cartons
85 Cartons
Cartons per Container
2400 Cartons
3400 Cartons
1700 Cartons