Strawberry is available starting from Mid November till February

Varieties Range


Festival Variety

This variety is considered to be an early fruit onset. Festival strawberry; got an excellent flavor and high productivity. This variety very successful marketing-wise; thanks to its excellent shelf life and transportability.

Fortuna Variety

This variety characterized by; highly productivity and excellent taste. It has a very good uniform well shaped together with bright red & glossy quality attribute.

Grade: Class I, Shipping: Air Shipment, MOQ: 1 Ton

Packing High Punnet
4.50 Kg N.W Carton
20 punnet X 225 Gr.
4.80 Kg N.W Carton
12 punnet X 400 Gr.
Packing Flat Punnet
2.50 Kg N.W Carton
10 punnet X 250 Gr.
2 Kg N.W Carton
8 punnet X 250 Gr.